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Never Forget: Night & my Pilgrimage to Poland
KQED Perspectives Essay

This piece was written for NPR's KQED's Perspectives radio segment. I wrote this as a sophomore, and the piece was aired on the radio shortly afterwards. It is about the value of arguing your points and taking pride in your opinion.

As part of my program in Israel, we journeyed to Poland to learn about the Holocaust. Between exploring the cities & towns, touring concentration & death camps, and viewing Holocaust movies, I read Elie Weisel's Night on that trip. This is a piece about my experience, written for my Jewish History class.

Here's my final assignment for Spanish IV, an essay about my experience in Israel, which I wrote at the end of the trip.

This was a project done in Pre-Calculus; we designed, built, and presented bridges for the EAA Competition. My group won the Best in Class award.


Ensayo Español sobre EIE
Engineering Alliance for the Arts Bridge Competition

Best Work


Here are a few examples of some of my favorite pieces throughout High School. They vary in quality, type, and length, but they are all important artifacts from my High School career.

The Underrated Medium: Why Video Games Are So Great

This is one of my favorite written pieces mostly because of the topic. I was given the opportunity to write about something in pop culture, and I chose video games -- something I am very passionate about. This is the result.

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