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About Me

My name is Jordan Levy.​ I grew up in Alameda, California, in the Eastern San Francisco Bay Area.


I currently work at DPC Consulting Engineers, a mechanical engineering firm that specializes in HVAC and Plumbing. I am an Office Assistant/Intern. This Summer (2014), I will be working at Camp Newman as an OKY Kibbutz Specialist -- I will be leading farm work for teens in the context of Judaism and sustainability.

Camp Newman is the Jewish summer camp I have gone to for the majority of (the summers of) my life. It is the reason I have a strong Jewish identity now, and led me to travel to Israel on NFTY's EIE program -- a semester abroad. The background picture for this site is one I took of the Israeli flag on the top of Masada.


Besides being Jewish, I also identify as many other things. I am a hardcore gamer, owning 5+ consoles and 100+ games. I am something of a musician -- I play bass guitar, piano, and ukulele (though I don't claim to be good at any of them).


Here are some of my favorite things just for the hell of it. :)

Bands: Incubus, The Postal Service, The Strokes

Authors: Douglas Adams, Henry David Thoreau

Foods: Cheesecake, most pesto dishes, most pizzas

Photoshop work done by Mr. Ian Moobbs

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