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Twenty Year Vision


I have no foreseeable plans for twenty years in the future. The only things I know for sure that I’ll still want in twenty years are to be alive and to be married, but I can ensure neither of these things. Theoretically, it would be nice to have a successful career doing something I like -- probably engineering, since I will be attending Cal Poly majoring in Electrical Engineering. Engineers make lots of money anyways. ;) That implies that I want a career though, and that is not necessarily true. As Christopher McCandless said, “Careers are a twentieth century invention, and I don’t want one.” Who’s to say I won’t think the same way in twenty years?


I know for sure that I want to go to college. I will probably want to join the military after that. I hope to travel both through the military and on my own, and to meet lots of people and learn a lot about the world. Right now, I think that I would want to go to graduate school and get a higher degree in whatever it is I end up studying. Past that, I have no idea where I’ll be. Maybe I’ll join the Peace Corps? Maybe I’ll study with Buddhist monks in Tibet? Maybe I’ll move to our colony on Mars and terraform the world? I have no idea. Like I said, I hope to be married, but there is no way to know when (if?) I will meet that person, so there’s no reason worry about it. 2034 is a long way away. Right now, I’m focused on 2014.

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